Saturday, May 5, 2012

A long overdue KCWC day 7

This was my final piece of children's clothing I completed for KCWC, yet another class picnic shorts, this time in pink and white linen, made up in 4t. I got most of these shorts completed Sunday, but did have to finish the rest of it up on Monday, as I had to recut and resew the entire waistband have entirely mucked it up and was faster just to start over than unpick all of my seams. Other than messing around with the waistband these came along much faster the second time, and they fit really well, despite Lily being almost completely sized out of the smaller range of the O+S patterns.

super wrinkly, partly because they are linen, mostly because she had been wearing them nonstop since the night before.

It has been raining in Portland for the past week nearly nonstop, so I took advantage of this cloudy yet not quite raining weather to try and get some modeled shorts shots. (try saying that 5 times fast) Rumor has it the weather will be in the 70 degree range later this weekend, if so maybe I can get some of the girls wearing their coordinating shorts!!

More gratuitous shorts/cute kid pictures....


  1. These shorts are SUPER cute! I love them. The colours you chose really matches the pattern style!

  2. just gorgeous! Great colour combo too :)

  3. You've made some really cute clothes. Very inspiring.

  4. Thanks so much for the nice words! We have been getting lots of wear out of these shorts this spring. :)