Sunday, December 30, 2012

Did I mention it also travels in time?

Hello all! How are the last days of 2012 shaping up for everybody? I am enjoying these last few days but I am eager to see what 2013 has in store for me.  While I am trying to muster up the energy to do one of those year end mosaics you are seeing everywhere right now I thought I would share my only two handmade Christmas presents this year.  

This year I had the extreme honor of introducing some of my friends to the great show of Doctor Who, and much to my delight they have fallen in love with it like I have so I decided to sew them up some nifty (if I may so myself) TARDIS pillows. To the uninitiated, the TARDIS is the Doctors Time and Space ship, and it also happens to be stuck camouflaged as an old fashioned British police box.  While the show has been around nearly 50 years and is up to it's 11th actor portraying the doctor, the TARDIS has been pretty much the only constant on the show, and I wanted to do her up proper for this pillow.  After an insane amount of sketching and designing, and one completely terrible first run, I came out with these two beauties, and I honestly am in love with them.

I am definitely marking this project as most successful of 2012 because they turned out exactly as I had hoped and we all know that is not the case when starting on a new idea! The majority of the TARDIS is pieced together like a big quilt block, I embroidered the windows and public call box and painted the police box sign with a freezer paper stencil cut out from my cricut. (Which was a 2 hour lesson in patience trying to get all those little letters cut out without ripping! It all paid off in the end I think) 

Because I am so proud of them and a quick peruse on Etsy lead me to think they might have a place to fill on someone else's couch I decided to list them for sale, since I know I will be making at least one more for me and a few more friend requests that have come in since the big reveal.  They are 16 x 24 and fully lined with an envelope closure in the back for easy washing, in case other people have as messy a family as I do.  I've filled these with really nice down pillow inserts, because we are pillow SNOBS at our house, and I can't stand those cheap inserts of fluff that get all smushed and wadded up within a month. 

I made this up in the brighter blue colors of the current 11th doctor, but I'm scheming a variation in the older, antique shades of blue from the 10th Doctor's Tardis. (Who is, as they say, MY Doctor.) Now that I have a design I am in love with the children have both requested one for their room, so a double sized floor pillow might be in the works, along with the king sized bed quilt that has been on the back burner for a year or so might finally come to fruition. So, what do you think? Any other Whovian's out there?