Monday, April 16, 2012

Hunger Games

I read the Hunger Games trilogy last year and really fell for them, so naturally I was excited to hear that a movie was being made about them. A few days after seeing the movie I was puttering about the house and got a wild idea to see if I could make up a Katniss costume for my toddler using things I already had around the house. By the end of the day, I had pretty much every last detail planned, with a bow and arrow in the mail from  Then I realized that I couldn't leave out little sister, so I naturally had to make a Primrose costume for her as well, and I think that turned out pretty darned cute too.

Every girl needs a sweet quiver and a wraparound belt and game bag

I had grand plans of traipsing about the woods taking photos of my little rebels until I was struck with a bout of the plague and the photo shoot was scrapped for a few weeks. We finally made it out today and played around in the gorge in some rare Oregon sunshine.

I took a toddler Simplicity pattern for the pants, cut two sizes smaller than she measured, and then took another inch off the seams in order to make that lemon of a pattern fit. I made her black hunting shirt out of some black stretchy jersey I have had sitting around, I used the tee for two pattern from Patterns by Figgy for that, and the neckband is atrocious, but don't look, okay? The funnest part was making the quiver from some old cardboard tubing, corduroy and woven webbing. I think she looks pretty legit, no?

I'd volunteer as tribute for that face too...

Isla's Primrose costume is made from the Music Class blouse and Sunday Brunch skirt, both Oliver + S patterns. Since I already owned both of those patterns, I allowed myself to go buy some fabric inspired by the movie to make them up. I think you can see the resemblance to the movie Prim, but yet I know she will be able to wear both these pieces and no one will think they are costumey, so win-win. More photos in my flickr stream.


  1. Awesome! I'd love to see more work from you! (And not just because you're my wife. You are excellent at what you do.)

  2. Love this idea! Your girls are adorable.

  3. Those are so sweet! I like your blog - you may be new, but you've got good stuff, and gives me ideas for my baby girl!

  4. Great outfits and photo shoot. :) I'm kind of obsessed with those books too.