Sunday, October 7, 2012

KCWC Fall 2012

Guess what, I'm signing on to Kid's Clothes Week Challenge Fall 2012! 

You know, the huge kids crafting phenomenon that happens twice a year where you cross your heart and promise to sew clothes for your kids at least one hour a day for a week? Except, I think secretly it's really more like, cut and prep all the outfits weeks ahead of time, then sew for 3 hours a day, then take two more hours to photograph and blog your outfits and look like a superstar/generally awesome person who accomplishes so much in just 7 hours in one week! I kid, but I am guilty of it too. It really does feel good to take a week and just get stuff done, and look back at all the cute new stuff your kids are (hopefully) wearing.

This time around I have spent very little time planning or prepping so my outcome won't be nearly as impressive as I would like people to believe I am. Coupled with the fact my hours at work have been reduced since both my girlies are in at least part time school I get to pretend I am a stay at home mom, and I have the paycheck to prove it! This means lots of time, but little extra money to spend of fun things like new fabrics and patterns. Good thing I have plenty of perfectly good fabric lying around just waiting to be made into something fabulous. So my goal is to make my girlies some much needed basics while spending as little money as possible. I was going to call it, KCWC, Broke as Hell edition, but decided that was too negative so I'm going for KCWC, First of the Month Challenge! See you soon!

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