Saturday, April 28, 2012

KCWC Day 3 + 4

Alternative title, the skorts that were almost more trouble than they were worth.

I had cut out two more badminton skorts for the girls and naively thought I could get them both sewn up on day 3 and maybe even have time to move onto another piece. Um, no. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  Which I find really interesting, as the first time I made this pattern I had no problems at all, it was like a dream. Why is it when I remake a pattern I often make tons of mistakes I never made the first time around? I must be very arrogantly thinking that I don't need to check the directions or what side is facing what exactly because this always happens to me. Anyway, the blue skort was sewn up first, as I had blue bobbin handy so I figured it would be a good place to start as any. Things were actually going pretty well until I sewed the skirt portion on wrong, so the inside seams were facing out, not pretty. So after I ripped it all out and fixed it, I put it on little sister and it was huge! I shortened the elastic to fit her waist and also noticed I made a mistake when sewing the legs together, and the crotch seam is also on the wrong (and I mean right) side. Oh well, too bad.
 I was done with that skort, and not looking back. Time to work on the yellow one for big sister. Then I realized that I had actually sewn up the 4t for the 3 year old and that was why the fit was so bad. More seam ripping, new elastic and a big headache later and it was *really* done this time.
This is her smarmy face
       I would like to say that I got all the problems out on the blue skort, but alas, that was not the case. First I sewed the waistband on backwards (@ # $ %! More seam ripping) then I completely botched sewing the skirt on again. It was even worse than the first time, I made a mistake sandwiching the waistband, it was like some sort of fabric origami gone terribly wrong. MORE seam ripping. Then I gave up and went to bed. Got up and resumed seam ripping, and finished it right. Whew. In the end they are adorable and I like them, but they totally gave me hassles. 

The hem isn't really uneven, it just kept slipping down the hanger

 I made the blue out of a linen (blend?) I got from last summer for a song and stashed away and forgot about, and the yellow is twill from Lisette at Joan's. I added an extra two inches in length and almost 3 in width to the skort pieces. I obviously didn't do the scallop bottom and left out the hem facing, just folding under and sewing. I added the width to make the skirt more gathered and twirly, and while it's a sound concept I think my materials were a bit too stiff for it to look as nice as I liked.  Overall, I still love this pattern, I just need to check the directions more, pay less attention to Doctor Who on the television, and not be sewing past 11 pm before I make another one!


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